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underwater landscapes have always fascinated me the feeling of weightlessness floating in the center below the surface of light and above the dark deep .

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here i showcase the lovely glassy quality of applying watercolours to yupo paper i used just watercolour and ink on this piece even without alcohol inks .

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i did several tests using alcohol inks first each sample was done with the same three adirondack alcohol ink colors but on different types of yupo paper .

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the source of the image is this website with an interesting article on mixing greens 3 ways of painting shades of green watercolor .

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i rubbed the word hi with oily fingers on clean yupo paper and then brushed watercolor over the entire area .

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when painting grass start with a sketch and a green watercolor wash .

create more realistic grass by pulling the paint upward .

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rembrandt watercolour permanent green emerald green cobalt green i think this is actually made from pg19 but my sample was mis labelled viridian .

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here s how to produce this final result .

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lifting out the whites ikin began magnolia iii watercolor on yupo 26 x 40 with big washes traveling across the surface as if blown by the wind .

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