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how to take great jewelry photos with your phone improve your phone photo skills with .

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smog rejoices as republicans take la s top air quality agency .

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on august 21 a solar eclipse will be viewable across the united states those who want to take a look will need eye protection though .

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multiple exposure composite of solar corona and prominences during the total solar eclipse on july .

mama taking care of yourself is not an option it just isn t it s a necessity .

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i m literally going crazy taking care of my two monster without my in law s help this weekend so sad that i have to push away my facial treatment in town .

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it s not selfish to love yourself take care of yourself to make your happiness a .

camera phones have come a long way in the past few years but they don t always take point and shoot quality pictures on the first try let alone dslr .

instead hold it away from you at shoulder level and twist your body toward it pushing your opposite shoulder toward the camera .

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starting off we have our own etsy ny member sweet olive jewelry amy s beautiful rings offer custom engraving and come in gold rose gold and sterling .

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remove your jewellery before taking a shower or washing your hands to keep your jewels protected .

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when you are taking a shower do you find yourself turning the hot water way up this common practice can be quite damaging to your skin and hair .

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the study of 74 000 people across the globe found sex selfies filming or photographing yourself having sex are a widespread practice .

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camera sensors may be damaged when taking pictures of eclipse .

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when exactly will the eclipse happen a multimillenium tale of computation .

we are busy making new jewelry and taking pictures in order to list new rings and special one of a kind pieces to our jewelry etsy shop .

quote love begins by taking care of the closest ones the ones at home .

so you can still take amazing pictures with a lower quality telescope and an average camera if you want to learn more about the technique .

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after opening my etsy shop i thought well what s next i thought about what else i was afraid wished i could do and then blogging came to mind .

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frame your product well sometimes that means the product sits right in the centre of the image such as with a perfume bottle surrounded by flower petals .

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viewers need to take precautions to protect their eyes even when taking photos of the eclipse thinkstock special to the forum .

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shittiest part about being an adult is taking care of yourself when you re sick .

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the g5 s build quality issues and misleading marketing take away from the merit of its virtues .

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even though most gemstones are hardy and durable it doesn t mean that they shouldn t be taken care of most gemstones can be damaged or their appearances .

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recently i discovered these breath taking works of art by thebeadladiesii on etsy they take vintage silver spoons and flat ware and turn it into gorgeous .

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