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a designer dog breed the zuchon is a mix of shih tzu and bichon frise .

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wuff love holly willoughy gets given a cute puppy for the day on this morning animal news .

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inspector lacey removed the puppy which was only 8 weeks old and brought her to the vet a veterinary assessment confirmed that the young puppy s ears had .

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aural haematomas usually occur as a result of local irritation to some part of the ear when something irritates the ear canal a dog is likely to respond .

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shichon teddy bear i ve seen the teddy bears with lauren before and we both fell in love with them great dogs too small i don t know .

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23 golden retriever puppies who ll remind you there are still good things in this world .

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keep your puppy s ears clean to prevent ear infections .

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one of my favorite things about lil north this is not him but that was was his flippy floppy ears while they drooped forward when he was very small .

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ear cropping is done on puppies and not adult pit bulls before surgery sedatives antibiotics as well as pain killers are administered .

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everything you need to know about why and how to help your german shepherd dog have upright ears .

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ear up while leaving the other back spared from the gift of speech scruffy may never reveal his secret thoughts but his accompanying body language .

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ear cropping though a personal decision for many owners is a truly fundamental aspect of cane corso tradition we do not incorrectly refer to a dog with .

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puppy s ears cut animal cruelty charges pending .

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vet makes cutest new ears for puppy who just had surgery .

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afgan hounds have pendant ears meaning their ears hang and their hearing is not as acute because the canals are covered pendant ears drop ears .

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