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behold the days are coming declares the lord when i will establish a new covenant with the house of israel and with the house of judah .

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in the past many churches practiced closed communion offering the lord s supper only to members in good standing occasionally questions will arise .

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the lord s supper is by definition his not ours .

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a monthly quarterly or simply infrequent observance of the lord s supper or in some traditions the eucharist communion or the lord s table has .

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after years serving as a foreshadowing of the imminent sacrifice the need for the passover supper was also ending the custom of a passover supper was .

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stumped about what you want to say at your table talk never fear everyone one hits one of these creative dry spots once in a while .

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we had a sweet young girl become a christian recently at my home congregation her father baptized her and altogether it was a sweet moment .

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every year on may 10 my wife and i observe our wedding anniversary why obviously because that s the date on which we got married .

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at the very beginning it was a meal intended to still the disciples hunger the last supper which jesus ate with his disciples and while they were having .

nearly 2 000 years ago jesus instituted a memorial of his death in our assemblies at laurel canyon we encourage those men who lead our minds in this .

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join us sunday evening december 4 for a special evening service beginning at 6 00 p m in legacy hall we will begin by observing the lord s supper and .

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the heart attitude to receive the lord s supper is an admittance that we need god s daily forgiveness we are sorry for our sins and seek god s forgiveness .

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we are simply remembering jesus sacrifice on the cross to save us from our sin there is nothing about the ordinance of the lord s supper that saves us .

the idea that all people are obligated to conform their thinking and their actions to the teaching of jesus christ is not a popular notion these days even .

the foundation of the lord s supper is the third segment in the foundations for growing series luke 6 47 48 is the focus scripture of this series .

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historically reformed and presbyterian churches have practiced elder supervision over admission to the lord s supper this historic practice has .

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the story of the last supper is about a wonderful invitation from jesus to recieve his gift this is a summary about the last supper bible story as told in .

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people were going forward to partake in the lord s supper we were going forward to the table the table is not our table .

lord vishnu is the principal god of hinduism an preserve of trimurti including lord brahma and lord shiva lord vishnu is famously known as narayan .

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wedgwood has had a long standing tradition beginning the year on the first sunday night with a lord s supper service much of this time will simply be to .

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sieger koder german priest artist 1925 the last supper the painting is from the perspective of christ facing his disciples .

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