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download file from below attachments .

as i mentioned in the introduction these are global adjustments which means that when we darken the sky we also darken the rest of the picture .

artboards are finally coming to photoshop and they re going to change everything .

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click on the image the previously greyed out buttons labeled slice options et cetera should become active click on divide slice .

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the image in the smart object is now flipped horizontally .

what we want to create is a sort of parallax effect with the dots slowly moving by the text the first bokeh layer is on top of the text and will animate .

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in photoshop mask out the area you want to animate in this case the fall and copy it to a seperate layer .

basically the first step in editing pictures using the photoshop is to set up the canvas and then import the image intended to edit into the photoshop .

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brush and pure white selected from the color palette we can go in and effectively paint shadow onto the areas of the image that we want to darken down .

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18 the first thing we need to be sure before recording anything is that the image size exactly has 600 pixels in height and width .

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normally the animation panel isn t visible but you can open it by going to window animation by default the animation panel will open up at the bottom .

select edit transform scale and drag the corner of the image inwards to shrink the image proportionally next select edit transform distort .

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next we need to apply filters we ll be using the glass filter a a so open up the glass filter settings menu filter distort glass .

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drag a color slider to the left to darken areas in the image which are that tone and drag to the right to lighten them .

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click on the image the previously greyed out buttons labeled slice options et cetera should become active click on divide slice .

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begin by clicking a point on the background then cut around the model this doesn t have to be precise but if you make a mistake just hit cmd ctrl z or .

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