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i don t always eat mexican food but when i do i fill up on chips first .

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for some thanksgiving is the official kick off to the christmas season turkey day itself is maybe one of the more loved days for occupied families since .

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also if our celebration isn t based off the american one why does our holiday meal similar to theirs well good news i have some answers for you .

this mexican food .

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lots to do the next few days so i probably will not post again until after thanksgiving not a surprise since my post are few and far between these days .

im also the only white guy .

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happy thanksgiving to all my american friends have a great day stuff yourselves silly and have a family riot in your own front living rooms .

my husband and i really enjoyed the time we had with family this holiday the food was out of this world and we didn t hold back .

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and speaking of wine and drinking renovators discover wine collection that pre dates the united states .

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keep the laughs going below .

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after a 1 week thanksgiving vacation i have to work 3 weeks before my 3 week christmas vacation .

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after we sing happy birthday we always ask the birthday person to take the first bite out of their cake but it has been a tradition that someone will come .

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