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these are the differences between the 3 movies and costumes .

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this key event in the star wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things and in doing so become part of something .

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leather belt with the belt boxes and buckle modified to fit the suit of the figure was plasti dipped to mimic a leather appearance .

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it s a human torso missing their lower legs most of their left arm and part of their right now who do we know in star wars that matches a description .

according to comingsoon net star wars actor hayden christensen is slated to star in the upcoming action horror film untot .

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we ll also be seeing a whole lot more of darth vader as the era between iii and iv was his time to shine as he hunted down the scattered and defeated jedi .

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you called me a jedi you know nothing mind tricks are not of the dark side .

several fans have concluded or at least theorized that the glowing cylinder seen in the brief shot of the trailer is in fact a bacta tank .

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his dark manner and high blown speech patterns are no match for a child s inquisitiveness or tantrums faced with his children vader really isn t such a .

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belt and belt boxes the belt is composed of a buckle two boxes and light saber hook the belt strap itself is a black leather or leather like material .

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i found a link i can t remember who posted it to give them credit to an american supplier who seems to do cheap components .

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the obvious conclusion to be made is that this is anakin skywalker s damaged body and the bacta tank shot is part of a scene in which darth vader removes .

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