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the steam api is a secure connection and this won t scam your account or vac ban it .

from here you can select three options for steam profile they re pretty self explanatory on the page giving options for total privacy or access only to .

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you ll have to restart steam after changing this setting .

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in the steam desktop app move the mouse cursor over your profile name tab it should be directly to the right of community in the dropdown menu .

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i m wondering if anyone here might be interested in creating a program that automatically changes a users avatar and profile backround on steam .

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bad moderation allows radical messages to spread .

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the other not so in your face new addition a tab for funny reviews of every game with a corresponding option to say a review made you giggle like an .

the steam community badge earned by doing some basic tasks on steam is the easiest way to get a badge .

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look like and what icon picture name colour and style the process does not take very long here you see some examples .

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some games on steam doesn t support overlay the overlay is a special window that you can summon inside a game that you can use to browse the internet .

which is convenient since i m trying to make this guide free and one of the objectives implies you invested money into steam try out the community .

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click on an outlined artwork or screenshot showcase and select your gif or image .

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pick the one you like the most and set it as your steam background below are the screenshots i made from my own steam account using this simple guide .

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