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what often get s often overlooked is reagan s retirement style he kept it casual and sort of badass because well he did win the cold war .

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we all know this little kid is a badass able to manipulate lightning in such away killua is a little kid but is very deadly in assassination .

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16 hilarious and badass yearbook senior quotes that will give you life .

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no matter how badass you are every now and then we can all use a quick and easy boost to get us going before a training session breathing like a lion .

but she shut them down like a badass .

snapped this pic with my favorite badass before he spoke at my graduation today .

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i did some alice angel demon actually fanart for once i tried 3 times so i could do her perfectly but my hands won t let me .

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it s all behind me now but i really wish that i d had the initiative to actually take control of my senior pictures like this awesome girl who took her .

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