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a mayan calendar was based on 260 days and worked with 2 intersecting dials similar to cogs on a wheel inside a watch mechanism .

beautiful imprints of animals in the traditional aztec style .

aztec mayan inca civilizations .

aztec animal sculpture styles .

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the aztecs developed a complex form of slavery .

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ancient maya aztec inca traditional mayan frescoes sacrifices scene ancient maya in .

olmec maya aztec inca .

9 age of exploration olmec maya aztec and inca .

aztec city of tenochtitlan found in the fresh water lake of lake texcoco .

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aztec animal clinic .

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another aztec inspired modern design interestingly again applied to a bear an animal not relevant to the movement the vibrance of the harsh shapes and .

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by the rain but instead are distributed to each step of the terrace this process is still used today .

mayan .

aztec god tonatiuh from the codex telleriano remensis .

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chinampas were artificial islands created by the aztecs to improve agriculture .

artist s representation of chinampa farming .

depiction of aztec heirarchy and their trade culture .

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the chinampas system was extensive these floating gardens were responsible for helping feed the aztec .

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map of mesoamerica maya .

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society precolumbian aztec .

floating gardens .

agriculture was a very large part of the aztec culture and economy it was their main source of food as well as their main source of profit .

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unlike the aztecs and the maya the inca did not develop a writing system records of inventories were kept on bundles of knotted cords called quipus .

the floating gardens would probably have looked something like this .

class b aztec farming .

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the best way to store any fruit or vegetable .

aztec system of agriculture .

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coiled serpent .

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evidence of land and sea creatures sacrificed by the mexica and found in one of the .

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different memebers of aztec society held different jobs crucial to the forward progress of the .

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when christopher columbus and his crew encountered maya people in 1502 the maya civilization had greatly declined after 900 conflicts within the maya .

in milpa alta people still speak the aztec language .

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each mayan city state had it s own ruler .

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aztec urban agriculture .

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there were three great peoples of the early americas the mayas the aztecs and the incas in this chapter you will study the cultures of these peoples .

description .

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i just have a feeling that the inca empire would by far be the best civilization out of the aztecs incas and the maya to be a part of and cooperate in .

highly productive and and economically important chinampas .

mayan architecture and culture .

map .

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the brutal history of the mesoamerican ball game .

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10 aztec symbols explained .

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head of a water deity chalchiuhtlicue .

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